Segura Viudas Gran Cuvée Reserva bottle

Segura Viudas Gran Cuvée Reserva

Gran Cuvée Reserva is a new challenge for our winemakers. As the main objective, there is the desire to reflect our support to ancient local grapes like Macabeo and Parellada, our most delicate white grapes, and after blending nine different base wines, we add a minor quantity of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to contribute with their personality and good acidity. The final result is a fresh, elegant and complex creation, that will only be made when all the climate, soil and harvest conditions are aligned.

Catalunya, Spain
D.O. Penedès
Blend of 85% Macabeo & Parellada; 15% Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
This Cava embodies a fine balance of northern and southern influences expressed through our Mediterranean heartland. It is a perfect marriage of soils, climates, and grape aromatics. The Chardonnay grapes come from younger vines trained in trellis contributing with its aromas, body on the palate and crisp acidity.The Pinot Noir grapes are picked by hand bringing tasty acidity and full-body to the Cava. The Gran Cuvée Reserva is aged a minimum of 15 months in contact with the lees, 20 meters below ground and at a constant, natural temperature of between 14 and 16ºC. The dosage level was decided lower than usual to be able to enjoy the personality and the savory flavor of the base wines.
The wine is aged 15+ months.
Subtle and floral aromas.
Classic Cava, with the addition of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir creates a refreshing, rich and elegant wine.
serving suggestions
Steak tartare, fried calamari and dinner parties with friends.
Segura Viudas Gran Cuvée Reserva bottle