Freixenet Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée bottle

Freixenet Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée

It isn’t often that a new wine comes along with enough personality and panache to make it into our fabulous Freixenet line, but Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée proved positively irresistible. With a sweet, peaches and cream aroma, ebullient bubbles, and delectable, lingering departure, this is an ideal sipping wine for memorable toasts and pleasant parties. Plus, it’s all dressed up in the finest Black Bottle Bubbly style, ready for your next event.

Catalunya, Spain
A blend of Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada
Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée nurtures a natural blend of native grapes from the Catalonia region of Spain. Expertly merging assets from 35 percent Macabeo, 25 percent Xarel-lo, and 40 percent Parellada, this eminently satisfying Black Bottle Bubbly is blessed with good acidity and perfect balance.
Aged 12-18 months
Sipping sweetly, this new Freixenet Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée charms with peaches and cream on the nose. Fine bubbles form a delightfully playful and creamy mousse that closes with a sweet, long finish. Highly drinkable, and perfect with seafood.
serving suggestions
Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée pairs beautifully with shellfish, seafood and desserts, but can also go casual with spicy contemporary foods like pizza, and even popcorn.
Freixenet Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée bottle