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segura viudas rose cava

Segura Viudas Brut Rosé

Catalunya, Spain
D.O. Penedès
Blend of 40% Trepat, 40% Pinot Noir, 20% Garnacha
Made from Trepat, Garnacha and Pinot Noir. The Trepat produces the freshness of fruit, the aroma and the finesse. The Garnacha enhances its taste. The Pinot Noir contributes the spicy touch and aromatic intensity. Traditional skin maceration to create the color and to extract the aromas of the grapes. – The Trepat is macerated for 24 hours at 12-14 ºC – The Garnacha is macerated for 12 hours at 16-18 ºC – The Pinot is macerated in the trailer during its journey to the winery. The first and second fermentations are carried out using our own selected yeasts. These yeasts give the finished wine its own identity. Ageing time on the lees is less for this rosado than for the rest of our cavas, since our objective is to retain the primary aromas of the fruit. A minimum of 12 months in contact with the lees will giving the Rosado a perfect balance between fruit aromas and complexity.
The wine is aged 12+ months.
Youthful fruit aromas of strawberry, red currant and grenadine.
The palate is refreshing, full of cherry fruit and light acidity. A soft finish on the back of the palate gives a lovely, approachable balance.
serving suggestions
Grilled tuna, crab cakes, and al fresco evenings.
750ML & 187ML
segura viudas rose cava