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Mia Sparkling Moscato Rosé bottle

Mia Sparkling Moscato Rosé

Mia launched thanks to the passion of a young Barcelona winemaker named Gloria Collell. Fueled by her family’s long history of winemaking and her own expertise, she partnered with Freixenet to realize her dream of marrying the diverse grape culture of Spain with the freshness and youthful exuberance of her hometown.

98% Moscato, 2% Tempranillo
From the freshly pressed must of Moscato grapes and a small addition of Tempranillo red wine, alcoholic fermentation starts slowly, at controlled temperatures, in stainless steel tanks until 5-5.5% alcohol is reached. The tanks are then hermetically sealed, and a second fermentation - called "prise de mousse" - is started at a lower temperature. When the alcohol reaches 7%, we stop the fermentation by reducing the temperature to 30F. The wine is then filtered to remove any remaining yeasts and transferred to a sealed, controlled temperature tank and prepared for bottling.
Beautiful, blush sparkler with a pale pink color.
On the nose, it delivers a charming floral and tropical aroma.
The delicious flavor is balanced by a fresh, natural sweetness and a delicate finish.
serving suggestions
Enjoy this wine during formal and informal moments; with salmon, shrimp, red berries, fig salad, cupcakes, blue cheeses, or Asian cuisine.
750ML, 187ML
Mia Sparkling Moscato Rosé bottle